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Property division: Is your spouse stashing cash?

In a high asset divorce, it can be challenging to resolve certain complex issues. Property division in Kansas operates under equitable division laws like most other states. The court's discretion will not be able to help devise a fair and agreeable division, however, if one of the spouses involved is hiding assets.  

If one spouse suspects the other of trying to keep certain assets from being subject to division by stashing cash and engaging in other intentional activities to gain the upper hand in proceedings, the disadvantaged spouse will have to show evidence in court to substantiate the allegations. Every divorce situation is unique although there are several common asset-hiding schemes that spouses tend to use. Knowing where to seek support to further investigate a suspicion can help a concerned spouse rectify a problem situation. 

If a spouse was due to receive incentive pay or a financial bonus at work and he or she asks an employer to delay the payment until a divorce is finalized, it may be a sign that assets are being hidden. Some people resort to hiding cash, perhaps in a safe deposit box or in various hiding places throughout their homes. It's a good idea to check closets, garages, attic space and any other potential money-hiding spots if one suspects a spouse of such behavior.  

Overpaying credit card balances or taxes is another means for hiding assets to keep them from being subject in property division proceedings in divorce. Full asset disclosure is required in divorce in Kansas and all other states, and hiding assets is illegal. Anyone currently facing such problems can tap into local resources to help them gather evidence and bring the situation to the court's immediate attention.  

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