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Protecting What Is Most Cherished — Your Family

When most people hear the term “family law,” divorce is the first thing that enters their mind. In reality, family law encompasses many legal areas that protect the rights of families. Divorce is certainly an important part of my practice, but it is only one piece of the comprehensive services I offer.

Family Law Attorney Licensed In Kansas And Missouri

Located in Leawood , I represent clients in family law courts in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Call 913-624-9547 or cell number 913-290-0938 to schedule a free consultation about your family law matter.

My Kansas and Missouri family law practice includes services in these areas that affect families most:

  • Divorce, both amicable, negotiated divorce settlements and contested, high-conflict divorce. I have extensive experience in the main components of divorce, including alimony/spousal support, custody issues and property division.
  • Temporary orders for financial support during separation while your divorce is proceeding through the courts.
  • Paternity litigation, including petitions for DNA tests, child support obligations and protecting fathers’ visitation rights. I can even help grandparents and extended family members retain custody and visitation rights under certain circumstances.
  • Post-judgment modifications— The courts understand that things change in peoples’ lives. What may have been a fair child support, custody or spousal support judgment many years ago many not fit current circumstances. Don’t make decisions about changing your judgment outside of the courts. Protect yourself through the courts. I can help you with a petition to modify your judgment.
  • Prenuptial and post-marriage agreements are important for anyone getting remarried or who may have significant personal assets to protect from a potential future divorce judgment.
  • Restraining orders may be obtained in the event you and/or your children face the danger of physical or emotional abuse from your spouse or any person with whom you shared a personal relationship in the past.
  • To learn about Parallel Parenting plans, please click here .

A Note To Children Whose Parents Are Getting A Divorce
You never thought it would happen, did you. After all these years your parents have decided to get a divorce. Let me answer your questions about what to do to help you through this emotional time.

Personalized Attention To Detail

As a sole practitioner, your case will be in my hands from your initial consultation through resolution. It will never be handed off to a less experienced associate. Rest assured, I will devote my attention to truly understanding your unique legal needs.

An Experienced Divorce And Family Lawyer Who Cares

Call me at 913-624-9547 or cell number 913-290-0938, or send the email form with a brief explanation of your family law needs. I offer a free initial consultation to sit down together to discuss your situation.