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A mother believes child's father disobeyed child custody order

A woman in another state has notified police that she believes her child's father has abducted their child. She and her mother have also told law enforcement officers that they believe the child's father was angry about a recent child custody ruling, and has taken the child as an act of revenge. Any Kansas parent concerned about custody issues should have a support network in place to access help at a moment's notice, if needed.

In this case, the 5-year-old girl in question was at school when someone (believed by her mother and grandmother to be her father) came to pick her up. It is often possible for a Kansas custodial parent to avoid such mix-ups by immediately informing a child's teachers and other school officials if a co-parent's custody rights have been removed. The father in this case was reportedly ordered by the court to take a drug test, and failed.

How to avoid child custody disputes during the holidays

Adapting to a new lifestyle after divorce is a challenge many Kansas parents will face before the end of the year. In fact, with Thanksgiving and numerous holidays right around the corner, it is likely that some parents will have their work cut out to resolve child custody issues that arise. Parents who wish to keep things as peaceful as possible during the holidays can put several plans into action to help them avoid problems.

First, it is a good a idea to keep children's best interests in mind, remembering that their needs are the highest priority, especially during the holidays. Kids are typically resilient and adaptable but coping with divorce can put a damper on their holiday fun. If children know their parents are willing to work together to help them adjust to new lifestyles, they may worry a bit less custody-related issues.

Can you finalize a high asset divorce without going to court?

Many Kansas spouses decide to end their marriage but want to avoid getting tangled in a contentious, lengthy court battle. In a high asset divorce, there are often complex financial issues to discuss and resolve. However, it may still be possible to do so without requiring litigation.

Collaborative law and divorce mediation are litigation alternatives that spouses are free to use to settle the terms of their divorce proceedings. State laws apply, and after signing an agreement, spouses submit their settlement contract to the court for approval. Such alternatives are often less expensive and time-consuming than litigation.

Common causes of high asset divorce

Many married couples in Kansas and beyond fight about money. In fact, financial disagreements are a leading cause of high asset divorce. When spouses have different opinions about spending, budgeting, income, investing or paying bills, it can spark lasting, if not permanently damaging, consequences in a marriage. A group of financial analysts who conducted a survey say this issue ranks high as a leading factor in many divorces throughout the United States.

In some marriages, several problem issues intersect, such as if one spouse is angry because the other spouse has been spending money while engaging in an extra marital affair. Infidelity is definitely one of the most common causes of divorce. However, not every marital break-up is prompted by financial disagreements or sexual/intimacy issues.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar requests shared child custody in divorce

Kansas residents who follow U.S. political news are likely familiar with freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, whose name often appears in the headlines. Omar's political views and activities have sparked controversy on more than one occasion; in fact, there have been death threats made against her. Omar is currently making headlines for a more personal reason, as she has filed for divorce from her husband and is requesting shared child custody.

Omar and her husband have three children together. She has been accused of having an affair with one of her political aides and campaign strategists. Omar has stated that her marriage is irretrievably broken and that she believes it is best if she and her ex share equal responsibility for physical and legal custody of their children.

High asset divorce: A prenuptial agreement is a valuable tool

You have met the love of your life and can't wait to get married. Perhaps you own a successful business in Kansas or simply want to protect your interests as best you can. Thinking of such issues does not mean you do not love or trust your soon-to-be spouse. Many people in your situation simply want to be as prepared as possible in case a high asset divorce ever takes place.

Some question whether it is beneficial to a relationship to think of divorce before getting married. Others, however, say that not being afraid to discuss such things and working together as a couple to sign an agreement can ultimately strengthen the bonds of the relationship. There is no way to predict the future but there are ways to control certain aspects of it.

Property division: Things can get messy if a spouse hides assets

Spouses must play by the rules when they decide to divorce. Regarding property division, Kansas operates under equitable distribution laws. When the court considers a property ruling, it is assumed both spouses have been honest in disclosing their assets and liabilities.

In a perfect world, that would always be the case. In reality, however, many spouses try to hide assets to keep them from being considered during property division proceedings. Not only is this unfair toward the other spouse, it is also illegal. A concerned spouse will want to enlist the aid of someone who knows how to investigate such matters, preferably someone who also knows how to bring a hidden asset problem to the court's attention.

Avoid back-to-school child custody problems

A Kansas parent who is used to a certain back-to-school routine may encounter some challenges if the start of a new school year follows a major, life-changing event such as divorce. Child custody problems may surface, especially if the ex in question is trying to interfere with parent/child relationships or disregards a court order. It is often possible to enjoy a peaceful co-parenting arrangement if both parents are willing to cooperate and keep kids' best interests in mind.

Back-to-school child custody issues can be complicated, such as deciding which parent will attend parent/teacher conferences or school events. If parents can be civil to each other in public, they might consider attending special events at the same time. Either way, it is best to inform teachers of divorce ahead of time and to let them know what the new co-parenting plan entails as far as school is concerned.

Kurt Rappaport accuses wife in high asset divorce

Celebrity realtor Kurt Rappaport is currently entangled in a contentious court battle with former Guess model, Sarah Mutch. The pair are navigating a high asset divorce for which they apparently prepared for before marriage by signing a prenuptial agreement. The agreement states that Mutch is entitled to receive $45,000 per month in spousal support for an amount of time equal to half the duration of the couple's marriage. Kansas residents facing similar issues may want to follow this case.

In this particular situation, the claimed spousal support period equates to eight months. Mutch says she needs every penny because she sacrificed her successful modeling career to support her husband in his business endeavors and to help take care of his three children. Those who are close to Mutch say an argument over Rappaport's refusal to have children with her may have prompted her to file for divorce. Mutch has also accused Rappaport of emotional abuse. 

How to tell if poor health issues are related to child custody

Most kids in Kansas and beyond are adaptable. When issues arise that prompt life changes, children are typically able to roll with the punches despite any challenges that surface along the way. This is even true in cases of divorce, unless there is a contentious child custody problem that is causing them high levels of stress.

Regardless of age, children are not always able to articulate their feelings. When parents divorce, each child in the family may react differently. That is why it is critical for parents to pay close attention to every child, in case health issues arise that might be directly connected to child custody.

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