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Kurt Rappaport accuses wife in high asset divorce

Celebrity realtor Kurt Rappaport is currently entangled in a contentious court battle with former Guess model, Sarah Mutch. The pair are navigating a high asset divorce for which they apparently prepared for before marriage by signing a prenuptial agreement. The agreement states that Mutch is entitled to receive $45,000 per month in spousal support for an amount of time equal to half the duration of the couple's marriage. Kansas residents facing similar issues may want to follow this case.

In this particular situation, the claimed spousal support period equates to eight months. Mutch says she needs every penny because she sacrificed her successful modeling career to support her husband in his business endeavors and to help take care of his three children. Those who are close to Mutch say an argument over Rappaport's refusal to have children with her may have prompted her to file for divorce. Mutch has also accused Rappaport of emotional abuse. 

How to tell if poor health issues are related to child custody

Most kids in Kansas and beyond are adaptable. When issues arise that prompt life changes, children are typically able to roll with the punches despite any challenges that surface along the way. This is even true in cases of divorce, unless there is a contentious child custody problem that is causing them high levels of stress.

Regardless of age, children are not always able to articulate their feelings. When parents divorce, each child in the family may react differently. That is why it is critical for parents to pay close attention to every child, in case health issues arise that might be directly connected to child custody.

Where to seek support for child custody problems

Divorce is typically a stressful experience, even for Kansas spouses who get along reasonably well. When children are involved, child custody disagreements can be difficult to resolve. Good parents want what's best for their children; however, divorcing spouses often disagree on the interpretation of that regarding one or numerous issues.

When parents decide to divorce, they are faced with numerous questions that will affect their children's lives. Where will the kids live? Who will have legal (decision-making) custody of them? Will one parent petition the court for child support? Will the kids be able to keep living in the home they resided in during their parents' marriage?

Depp's high asset divorce is over but his legal problems are not

Many Kansas married couples will be heading to court before the year's end. Some will get locked into legal battles in high asset divorce cases, although most will likely not have tens of millions of dollars at stake like Johnny Depp and other Hollywood stars have had when they severed marital ties. In Depp's case, it seems the finalization of his divorce was merely the beginning of other legal problems.

A central component in Depp's divorce was a non-disclosure agreement he and then wife, Amber Heard, signed. In a recent claim Depp filed in court, he stated that Heard has violated that agreement. He is seeking $50 million in damages for defamation of his character.

Adapting to life after a high asset divorce

Regardless of what prompts a decision to legally sever marital ties, spouses often have numerous issues to resolve before they can go their separate ways. In a high asset divorce, especially for parents, child support and property division are often a central focus of Kansas courtroom proceedings. Beyond that, it can be difficult to adjust to a new lifestyle when one has become accustomed to his or her old one.

The longer a couple has been married, the more challenging moving on without each other might be. There are several practical ways to make the best of such situations. By tapping into local resources and building a strong support network, parents and children can successfully navigate the life changes often associated with divorce.

Former MTV star hopes to regain child custody

As many Kansas parents can likely attest, when litigation takes place because of child-related issues, things can get quite messy in court. Many situations are complex and not easily resolved. Former "Teen Mom 2" star, Jenelle Evans likely understands this better than most, as she continues to try to regain child custody alongside her current husband, who also lost custody of his own daughter.

While one of Evans' children has been staying with her mother for some time, her other two children were living with her and the man she married this past September. An incident occurred, however, that has apparently led to both Evans and her spouse losing custody of their children. Evans' husband, David Eason, reportedly shot a dog that he claimed had bitten one of the kids.

What to do regarding child custody disagreements after divorce

Like many other Kansas parents, when you signed divorce papers, you were likely looking forward to leaving the past behind and moving on in life. While you logically assumed that you and your children might encounter a few challenges as you adapt to a new lifestyle together, you had no reason to think you'd be dealing with legal problems related to child custody. However, since your ex refuses to adhere to the terms of the agreement, you feel like there should be something you can do to rectify the situation.

You may be right. Once the court issues an order, both parents must strictly adhere to the terms, no matter what. In fact, even if you and your ex agree that a particular modification is warranted, it's still necessary to seek the court's approval.

Child custody: Kansas parents do well to plan for summer

Many Kansas parents know what it's like to have a child who waits until the very last moment to get his or her school assignments done. Nothing causes stress quite like those late-night trips to the craft store to try to gather needed supplies for a project that is due the next day, which the child in question "forgot" to mention ahead of time. Children are not the only ones who have problems like this; in fact, divorced parents who neglect to discuss summer plans often encounter tremendous stress and chaos related to their child custody plans.

Good parents always have their children's best interests in mind, especially when divorce occurs. However, there are so many issues to resolve regarding custody, visitation and support that it is possible to overlook some of the more subtle issues, such as which parent will take the kids on vacation, and when. Also, children who are home on summer break from school often participate in many outside activities, such as sports, camp or supplemental academic programs. It is essential for parents to work out a plan that covers transportation and financial provisions for these things.

How to avoid stress in a high asset divorce

When Kansas spouses decide to go their separate ways after a marriage that has lasted 10 years or more, they often encounter many challenges regarding important issues that need resolved first, such as those having to do with property division or child custody. In a high asset divorce, such issues can be quite complex, especially if one or both spouses owns a business or a diverse investment portfolio. There are several things to keep in mind to help avoid settlement problems.

Especially regarding property division, it is always best to take a thorough inventory of one's assets ahead of time. Such proceedings require full disclosure by both spouses, not only concerning assets but also existing debt that was incurred during the marriage. If a spouse suspects the other party of hiding assets, it's a good idea to reach out for immediate legal support for help to gather evidence and request the court's intervention.

Kansas property division: What to do if a spouse is hiding assets

When a Kansas married couple divorces, they typically have navigate negotiate a number of issues in order to achieve a satisfactory settlement. For property division proceedings to be fair, both spouses must be totally transparent regarding their assets. Full disclosure is required for debts, as well, and if one spouse is trying to pull one over on the other, things can get quite messy in court.

Hidden asset problems are often at the root of property division complications.  Kansas is an equitable property state, which means the judge overseeing the case will decide how to fairly divide assets between spouses. A spouse who wants to walk away with more than his or her ex may try to hide certain assets.

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