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My Parents Are Getting Divorced

It Is Normal To Feel Confused And Upset

Learning your parents are getting divorced can be scary. Your life is going to change in many ways, even if you don’t want it to. Things are probably pretty confusing for you. Feeling mad, sad or worried is perfectly natural.

It is important to remember two things — the divorce is not your fault and it is okay to ask questions.

Why Are My Parents Getting Divorced?

There are many different reasons why people get divorced. You may have noticed your parents aren’t getting along very well. They might be arguing more. Maybe they have stopped talking to each other. Simply put, they aren’t happy being married anymore. Divorce is the best way for them to be happier.

Even though your parents don’t want to be married anymore, they still love you very much and are proud to be your mom and dad. You will still be a family, just in a different way.

Where Am I Going To Live?

When parents get divorced, custody and visitation must be determined. This means where you will live and when you will visit your other parent. You might share your time between two houses or live mostly with your mom or mostly with your dad. If you are over 12 years old, your wishes may be a part of the decision of where you are going to live.

Dealing With Divorce

When parents are getting divorced, many kids think it is their job to cheer up their mom and dad. However, it is not your job to make anyone else happy. Your job is just to be you and to learn how to handle the divorce in your own way.

It will take time to get used to your new life, but you will, no matter how hard things seem right now. Ask questions. Talk with friends whose parents are divorced. Talk things over with teachers or counselors at school. Be yourself and do your best to get used to the changes around you.