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Divorced parents rally to change child custody laws

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2018 | Child Custody

Divorce is a devastating time for all parties, especially the noncustodial parent. Divorced parents in Kansas are speaking out about the benefits of spending equal time with their kids. The National Parents Organization is hoping to change the current laws regarding child custody decisions in favor of shared parenting agreements.

Children often pay the price for decisions made by the legal system regarding custody. It is important to have both parents in their lives, and that means sharing equally in many scenarios.  With current laws historically favoring moms, most noncustodial parents are reduced to spending just a few hours each week, and some may suffer through years of separation. It is devastating to know that a person has been a great parent all along and an outdated law can get in the way. 

For now, the National Parents Organization is searching for clever ways to change the law so that children are not being forced to say goodbye to one parent. The NPO also realizes that changes to the law may mean some parents who are unfit may get equal time too. Because no one wants to see a child put into a dangerous situation, the group is trying to figure out a system to deal with situations like that.

By changing laws to allow both parents equal time in child custody cases, kids can get the time they need with both parents and neither party will have to make up for lost time in their lives. In Kansas, parents have an opportunity to agree about shared parenting, though it is clearly not something that fits every circumstance. Taking the time to consult with a lawyer who has a detailed understanding of child custody laws may help determine if shared parenting is the best decision in a particular case. The lawyer can help a parent fight for a fair result that is truly in the best interests of the children involved.

Source:, “Metro divorced parents working to change child custody laws in Missouri, Kansas“, Megan Dillard, Jan. 30, 2018

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