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How to tell children about a parental divorce

When parents in Kansas decide to divorce, one of the most difficult situations they’ll likely face is telling their children about their marital breakup. Children look to their parents for safety and security. A divorce tears their family, and their world, apart. Before having this conversation with their kids, parents should take time to plan out what they want to say, and the ways in which they want to say it.

Breaking the news

If possible, both parents should sit down with the kids together and calmly disclose the news of their divorce. Prior to this tough discussion, it is best that parents figure out and agree on what they want to say. The best way to provide comfort to the children is to express to them that both of their parents are still united when it comes to parenting and will be there for them.

What to say

What parents should say largely depends on the maturity and age of the children. Children often wonder about when all the changes will take place. It’s okay to give them a loose timeline, but let them ask questions and encourage them to express any emotions they may be feeling. Do not overwhelm them with all the details and information they are not prepared for.


The children will need reassurance at this time. Let them know that, even though their parents won’t be married anymore, they will still be a family. Now more than ever, children need to know that they are loved very much by their parents. Parents in Kansas who have questions or think they may be headed for divorce may want to consider contacting an experienced family law attorney to discuss their situation.

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