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February 2018 Archives

When child custody problems make life stressful

Most Kansas parents who divorce strongly desire to move forward in life in ways that create the least amount of stress possible for their children. A good parent makes sure children understand that a divorce is not their fault, and that the parent will be there to love and support them as they come to terms with the situation and adapt to a new lifestyle. A parent can have the best intentions; however, if the other parent refuses to cooperate to create an appropriate child custody plan, a parent may need a helping hand to rectify the situation.

Divorced parents rally to change child custody laws

Divorce is a devastating time for all parties, especially the noncustodial parent. Divorced parents in Kansas are speaking out about the benefits of spending equal time with their kids. The National Parents Organization is hoping to change the current laws regarding child custody decisions in favor of shared parenting agreements.

Child custody problems arise in Shannon Beador divorce

Millions of television viewers in Kansas and throughout the nation watched as reality show star Shannon Beador and her husband renewed their marriage vows on the "Real Housewives" reality TV series . It may come a surprise to many to learn that those same two people are not only no longer married, but they are engaged in a child custody battle. As often happens in troubled marriages, a particular event reportedly led to their permanent breakup.

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