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When child custody problems make life stressful

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2018 | Child Custody

Most Kansas parents who divorce strongly desire to move forward in life in ways that create the least amount of stress possible for their children. A good parent makes sure children understand that a divorce is not their fault, and that the parent will be there to love and support them as they come to terms with the situation and adapt to a new lifestyle. A parent can have the best intentions; however, if the other parent refuses to cooperate to create an appropriate child custody plan, a parent may need a helping hand to rectify the situation.

No one can assume why a particular parent might cause problems where children are concerned in divorce. Some simply act nasty in divorce, and are willing to use their children to take revenge against former spouses for hurt feelings in divorce. Others say they want to achieve positive outcomes but disagree with their former spouses about what’s best for their kids.

Some situations are highly combative, with one parent trying to deny another parent’s access to children, or cause derision in parent/child relationships. In such situations, a concerned parent does not have to sit back and let chips fall where they may. A parent can protect his or her rights by immediately seeking family law assistance.

The Law Firm of Kevin Stuart Cavanaugh, in Kansas, considers your rights and your children’s best interests of highest priority. Whether your child custody problem is divorce-related or you were never married, this law firm is fully equipped and prepared to advocate on your behalf to help you resolve your legal problems and get things back on track in life. An initial consultation can be a first step toward a new and happy future.

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