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Respectful communication is key to amicable child custody plans

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2018 | Child Custody

Many Kansas married couples choose to untie their marital knots when problems or disagreements between them are unresolved and there does not seem to be way to improve their situations. When such couples also happen to be parents together, some of the bad feelings related to the marriage can creep into child custody negotiations. Most good parents want to keep their children’s best interests in mind as the move forward to new, separate lifestyle. Respectful communication plays a big part in achieving that goal.

It is difficult to nearly impossible to devise a peaceful co-parenting plan if the two parents involved cannot even be in the same room without fighting. There are several ways to improve such situations. The first is to be mindful of one’s words and actions. If parents act on their emotions, they are more likely to fly off the handle at each other, especially if the marriage did not end amicably. Choosing words and actions carefully helps lay the groundwork for peaceful negotiations that focus on what is best for the kids.

Another way to encourage respectful discussion is to let go of chronic anger issues. There is no question that anger is sometimes justifiable. However, if every time two parents sit down to discuss child custody, visitation or support they approach the situation with harbored anger instead of with a clear mind and willingness to cooperate and compromise, it can make developing an agreeable co-parenting plan quite difficult.

The court has the final say in all child custody matters. Judges expect parents to try to lay their differences aside long enough to have mature, respectful discussions so that the children’s needs are the central focus and everyone involved puts forth effort to make sure those needs are met. Any Kansas parent in need of support to help manage emotions and reduce conflict with a co-parent can seek guidance from an experienced family law attorney.

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