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What influence might friends have toward a high asset divorce?

Many Kansas households include married couples who have close circles of friends. Such friends typically have a lot in common with them, such as average income, children or no children, as well as what types of social activities they tend to enjoy most. Many people are influenced by the actions of their peers, even in a high asset divorce.

If a spouse is considering filing for divorce but is hesitant because he or she knows that property division and other issues would be quite complex and challenging to resolve, he or she may look toward friends who have been in similar situations to see what ultimate decisions they made. If a spouse has one or more friends who have not only divorced but appear to have done so quite amicably and successfully, he or she is more likely to see divorce as a viable option for resolving an unhappy marriage rather than something to avoid. When high assets are at stake, it is understandable that a spouse would want to make sure his or her best interests are protected.

If a spouse were to look back in life, he or she might recall that many friends got married within a few years of each other. Once married, those same friends may have started expanding their family sizes and having babies at the same time. It is not surprising then, that if someone who is struggling in marriage has a friend who has divorced and happily adapted to a new lifestyle, it might make the idea of divorce a little less daunting.

In a high asset divorce, things can get messy. If spouses disagree about a business valuation or who should get the car, house, boat, vacation home or other asset, it can take weeks or months to resolve such matters in court. An agreeable solution may be found sooner if an experienced Kansas family law attorney is called upon for support.

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