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Age may affect how children react to child custody situations

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2018 | Child Custody

There is never an easy way to tell children that parents are getting divorced. The more prepared a Kansas parent is ahead of time, the less stressful it may be. It’s important to understand typical childhood reactions and to provide support and encouragement, especially concerning child custody issues.  

A younger child may show signs of regression if they are of an age where they somewhat understand what is happening, at least that one parent is not going to live with him or her anymore. Some parents later say that they noticed signs of stress in their toddlers, perhaps having bathroom accidents once they’d already been potty trained. Other parents say their children experienced a heightened level of separation anxiety once the parents actually separated.  

Teenagers are better able to verbally express their feelings. Some teens get angry, others sad, while some show exaggerated signs of indifference, perhaps by shutting themselves off from the rest of the family. When the adults in question are having legal problems regarding custody, visitation or support, a teenager may be aware of the discord and react by becoming rebellious.  

While it is true that divorce is never easy, it is also true that Kansas parents can tap into local support resources at any time, to help them and their children overcome the challenges that arise. Regarding legal issues, such as child custody disputes, the sooner a problem is resolved, the less stressful it is likely to be for the children involved. An experienced family law attorney can provide guidance and strong support to any parent concerned with divorce-related legal matters.

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