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Seeking high asset divorce after age 50? Read this

Most Kansas residents are aware that lifestyle choices can affect their health, sometimes in good ways, others quite bad. For instance, it is well-known that cigarette smoking is closely connected to lung cancer, so those who smoke place themselves at risk for the disease. Other situations can also have a potentially negative impact on physical, mental and emotional health, including high asset divorce.

Current data shows that getting divorced later in life can spark numerous health concerns. Even when the person in question is the one who initially filed for divorce, he or she may be unprepared for the feelings of isolation, loneliness or depression that sometimes set in afterward. Many older people also often suffer from insomnia after a divorce, perhaps because their bodies were simply so used to having their spouses next to them during the night.

When assets are a central focus of proceedings, it can be quite stressful. Those who are ages 50 and above may have to deal with tax situations or disputes involving retirement benefits, investments or business issues that younger couples do not typically contend with when they end a marriage. In fact, later-in-life divorce can prompt serious financial distress, which in turn, can negatively affect a person’s health.

Those over 50 who divorce are prone to engaging in high-risk behaviors that can adversely affect their health. Some fall prey to substance abuse, promiscuity, overeating or developing risky spending habits. Knowing about such risks ahead of time may help those divorcing at older ages avoid serious problems.

Eating right and getting adequate sleep are key factors of good health that are especially important during stressful times, such as when going through divorce. Navigating a high asset divorce in Kansas may be made less stressful by enlisting support from an experienced family law attorney. If a spouse notices symptoms of ill-health, he or she can seek a medical examination, financial counseling and/or other assistance to help overcome any underlying problems.

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