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Protect your rights in Kansas property division proceedings

Divorce is not easy. Most Kansas spouses encounter numerous challenges as they negotiate terms for a settlement. If you have children, you and your spouse might disagree about custody or finances. Such disputes often intensify turmoil in situations that are already stressful. When it comes it property division proceedings, a concerned spouse would do well to seek guidance and support from an experienced family law attorney to help achieve a fair outcome.

Kansas is an equitable property state, which means the judge overseeing your case will determine a fair division of all assets and liabilities. It does not necessarily mean the split will be 50/50. There is often room for bargaining if you or your spouse wishes to retain ownership of a particular asset.

For instance, if you believe it is in your children’s best interests to keep living in the house you have shared with your spouse during marriage and you want to be the sole owner of the house, you may be able negotiate an exchange whereby your spouse agrees to accept another asset in its place. Not every case is amicable, however. In fact, some people wind up in contentious situations when spouses try to hide assets to keep them from being subject to division.

Most judges would not take kindly to someone trying to beat the property division system by stashing cash or engaging other illegal activity to try to gain the upper hand in court. The Law Firm of Kevin Stuart Cavanaugh is committed to helping Kansas spouses keep stress to a minimum in divorce. Our experienced legal team is ready to negotiate or litigate any issue as needed. If you have a particular settlement issue you’d like to discuss, you may request a consultation at any time. 

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