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Dispute resolution is often a factor in child custody proceedings

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2019 | Child Custody

When Kansas parents determine that their marriages are no longer sustainable, they often encounter challenges regarding family issues after filing for divorce. Child custody is a high priority in many divorce cases. Things can get messy if parents disagree as to what is best for their kids.

The court can’t finalize a divorce until all those issues are worked out. The question is whether parents will be able to amicably negotiate their own solutions or a judge will have to intervene and make decisions for them. There are typically several options, and what works for one set of spouses might not be the best idea for another.

Mediation is one process that best fits situations where both parents are willing to peacefully discuss every issue then cooperate and compromise, as needed, to come up with a plan. Other divorce-related issues can be negotiated as well, such as those regarding property division. Some spouses choose collaborative law rather than mediation. This is an arbitration process where numerous licensed professionals help facilitate meetings. Such support might include financial advisers or child psychologists.

Both mediation and collaborative law processes are usually less expensive than litigation. However, the latter is often needed, especially if one of the parents involved is suing the other for sole custody or has made an accusation regarding substance abuse or some other problem issue. An experienced child custody attorney can help a concerned Kansas parent protect his or her rights as well as the best interests of his or her children.

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