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Avoid back-to-school child custody problems

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2019 | Child Custody

A Kansas parent who is used to a certain back-to-school routine may encounter some challenges if the start of a new school year follows a major, life-changing event such as divorce. Child custody problems may surface, especially if the ex in question is trying to interfere with parent/child relationships or disregards a court order. It is often possible to enjoy a peaceful co-parenting arrangement if both parents are willing to cooperate and keep kids’ best interests in mind.

Back-to-school child custody issues can be complicated, such as deciding which parent will attend parent/teacher conferences or school events. If parents can be civil to each other in public, they might consider attending special events at the same time. Either way, it is best to inform teachers of divorce ahead of time and to let them know what the new co-parenting plan entails as far as school is concerned.

Children might feel caught between their parents if a disagreement arises about school. An area of concern is often finances. There are many activities, projects and events throughout the typical school year that cost money. It is better for kids if they see their parents working as a team rather than arguing over every dollar.

Every divorce is unique and no two children react the same way. However, school counselors, discussion groups and even trusted friends or family members can make up a strong support system for kids and parents to rely on as they adapt to a new lifestyle. An experienced Kansas family law attorney can also provide much needed support if a particular child custody problem arises.

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