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Can you finalize a high asset divorce without going to court?

Many Kansas spouses decide to end their marriage but want to avoid getting tangled in a contentious, lengthy court battle. In a high asset divorce, there are often complex financial issues to discuss and resolve. However, it may still be possible to do so without requiring litigation.

Collaborative law and divorce mediation are litigation alternatives that spouses are free to use to settle the terms of their divorce proceedings. State laws apply, and after signing an agreement, spouses submit their settlement contract to the court for approval. Such alternatives are often less expensive and time-consuming than litigation.

Using alternative dispute resolution is best for spouses who feel confident that they can discuss important topics without confrontation. Mediation sessions or collaborative proceedings are not the place to rehash marital problems. Instead, spouses must agree to stick to topics that directly relate to their divorce, such as property division, alimony and/or child custody and support.

A high asset divorce can be stressful, particularly if a spouse suspects that his or her partner is trying to beat the system and walk away with an unfair share of the assets. In such cases, litigation is necessary. The court can hold a spouse in contempt for trying to hide assets in divorce because it is illegal. It can be challenging to determine which divorce option best fits a specific set of circumstances, which is why a concerned Kansas spouse will want to rely on an experienced family law attorney to provide support and help accomplish his or her ultimate legal goals.

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