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How to avoid child custody disputes during the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2019 | Child Custody

Adapting to a new lifestyle after divorce is a challenge many Kansas parents will face before the end of the year. In fact, with Thanksgiving and numerous holidays right around the corner, it is likely that some parents will have their work cut out to resolve child custody issues that arise. Parents who wish to keep things as peaceful as possible during the holidays can put several plans into action to help them avoid problems.

First, it is a good a idea to keep children’s best interests in mind, remembering that their needs are the highest priority, especially during the holidays. Kids are typically resilient and adaptable but coping with divorce can put a damper on their holiday fun. If children know their parents are willing to work together to help them adjust to new lifestyles, they may worry a bit less custody-related issues.

Getting holidays plans in writing is an easy way to avoid confusion, such as where children will spend Christmas or another special occasion. In fact, parents can incorporate written terms into their child custody agreement. Having a written plan does not guarantee that problems will never arise; however, it does help clarify terms to which parents have agreed, so that no one is left wondering what is expected.

Another helpful thing to keep in mind is that unexpected changes often occur that prompt the need for changing plans. For instance, a parent might get ill and be unable to pick up children at an agreed-upon time. When parents are willing to remain flexible in their schedules to address spontaneous issues that arise, it helps keep stress to a minimum. Any Kansas parent who encounters a child custody issue during the holidays that he or she does not feel equipped to handle alone may reach out for support from an experienced family law attorney.

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