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A mother believes child’s father disobeyed child custody order

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2019 | Child Custody

A woman in another state has notified police that she believes her child’s father has abducted their child. She and her mother have also told law enforcement officers that they believe the child’s father was angry about a recent child custody ruling, and has taken the child as an act of revenge. Any Kansas parent concerned about custody issues should have a support network in place to access help at a moment’s notice, if needed.

In this case, the 5-year-old girl in question was at school when someone (believed by her mother and grandmother to be her father) came to pick her up. It is often possible for a Kansas custodial parent to avoid such mix-ups by immediately informing a child’s teachers and other school officials if a co-parent’s custody rights have been removed. The father in this case was reportedly ordered by the court to take a drug test, and failed.

This prompted the judge to temporarily remove his parental rights. When the child’s mother called police to report her daughter missing, she told them she had not seen her daughter for nearly a week. Police then issued a “be on the lookout” bulletin to the public, publishing a phone number to call if someone sees the child.

Emotionally charged child custody cases like this one are stressful. Such cases can serve as examples to confirm the importance of making sure all caretakers in a child’s life are fully informed regarding child custody restrictions and which parent is permitted to pick up and remove a child from school, day care, sports practice or other activities. An experienced family law attorney can provide immediate support to any Kansas parent facing problems regarding a court order violation.

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