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Child custody: Most important issue for many Kansas parents

On Behalf of | May 6, 2020 | Child Custody

Kansas parents, like most others across the country, often gain joy from making decisions that bring happiness to their children. Most parents understand, however, that parenting often includes times when decisions are made because of what is best for the children in question, not necessarily what might make them happiest. Divorce is often upsetting to children, although when parents can achieve a fair child custody agreement in an amicable fashion, they increase their children’s ability to cope with the situation and adapt to a new lifestyle in a healthy manner.

Determining a best course of action is typically one of the first decisions you must make when you’ve decided to file for divorce. Do you think that, under your particular circumstances, it is best to litigate your divorce? If you and your spouse can peacefully discuss child-related matters and other important issues, perhaps you’d rather consider mediation as an alternative process to achieve a settlement.

Many parents prefer divorce mediation as a means to resolve conflict because they often don’t have to step foot inside a courtroom to accomplish their goals. Child custody can be a complex topic. You must decide where your children will live and who will have decision-making authority over issues such as health care, education and religious matters.

If you believe your spouse is a detriment to your children’s well-being — for instance, because of a substance abuse problem — you might want to learn more about the litigation process. The Law Firm of Kevin Stuart Cavanaugh, in Kansas, is committed to helping you determine which child custody option best fits your needs. Relying on experienced legal representation for guidance and support is often the first step toward helping your family move on in life after divorce.

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