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High asset divorce: Why a prenuptial agreement can help

Not every Kansas marriage will last a lifetime. In fact, there may be someone reading this who is considering filing a petition in court because he or she wants to move on in life without his or her current spouse. If it is a high asset divorce, litigation can be complex and challenging.

Signing a prenuptial agreement before the wedding day is a logical means for protecting assets in a marriage. Some people hesitate to do so because they worry about asking an intended spouse to sign a legal document. But a prenuptial agreement can actually strengthen the bond between those about to marry because it shows they are willing to discuss important issues and cooperate to keep one another’s best interests in mind.

If you are getting married, you might have property that you wish to hold in separate ownership. By drafting a prenuptial agreement, you and your intended spouse can specify separate property that would not be subject to property division should you later divorce. The same goes for any debt either of you are bringing to the marriage. Full disclosure by both sides is necessary in order to devise a fair and binding agreement. 

What if you’re headed for a high asset divorce and you never signed a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement? In such cases, it is critical that you understand your property rights in accordance with Kansas family laws. The Law Firm of Kevin Stuart Cavanaugh is experienced and committed to providing strong legal support to help you protect your interests as you finalize your divorce and lay the groundwork for a new lifestyle.

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