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Know where to seek support for child custody issues in Kansas

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2020 | Child Custody

Parenting typically involves making decisions regarding your children’s health and well-being. If you decide to file for divorce, the decision will undoubtedly prompt many changes in your children’s lives. However, negotiating child custody plans does not have lead to a battle in a Kansas family court, especially if you and your ex are willing to work together to develop a fair agreement that keeps your kids’ best interests in mind, and you know where to seek legal support as needed.

It is not always possible to resolve child custody issues in a peaceful, amicable manner. Sometimes, litigation may be necessary to help a concerned parent protect his or her rights, as well as to ensure that the children’s best interests are the central focus of the proceedings. If you have reason to believe that your ex’s presence is a detriment to your children’s well-being, you can take appropriate legal steps to bring the matter to the court’s attention.

It is always best if parents can cooperate as a team to develop a fair and binding custody agreement. However, you need not hesitate to reach out for support if you encounter an issue that you do not feel equipped to handle on your own. Having an experienced family law attorney by your side at every stage of the proceedings can help you protect your rights and accomplish your divorce-related goals.

The Law Firm of Kevin Stuart Cavanaugh, in Kansas, is committed to providing strong support as you negotiate or litigate a child custody, visitation, child support or other divorce-related issue. By requesting a consultation, you can be proactive in creating a plan that keeps your kids’ best interests in mind. Especially if you’re dealing with a co-parent who has a substance abuse problem, is emotionally or physically abusive tothe  children or otherwise places your kids at risk, enlisting support from an experienced attorney is typically a key factor in obtaining a favorable outcome in court.

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