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Strategies for parenting between 2 households

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Child Custody

When parents in Kansas go through a marital breakup, they understand how important it is to shield the children from the stress and turmoil that come with divorce. For this reason, having the proper child custody arrangement is critical. For many families, a joint custody arrangement works best. Here are a few helpful strategies for parenting when the children move between homes.

Establish structure

For many families, agreeing on rules is difficult. Although the rules may differ between households, what is most important is that the children feel secure. By establishing consistency and structure, children will gain the understanding that the adults are in charge and things are going to be okay. When children know what to expect, they are better able to adjust between two homes.

Be supportive of the other parent

Although it may be difficult following an emotional divorce or separation, try to be as supportive as possible of the other party. Remember, the ex-spouse is also the child’s parent, so avoid judgment or criticism around the children. Trying to find fault or comparing the two households will leave the children feeling anxious and caught in the middle. Also, it is important to maintain effective communication with the other parent about appointments, school events, extracurricular activities and other needs of the children.

Transitioning between households can cause the children to experience anxiety and/or stress, especially following the divorce. However, establishing structure and being supportive can make this process easier for both children and parents. Any parent in Kansas who has questions about child custody or custody arrangements could benefit by contacting an experienced family law attorney who can answer difficult questions and provide legal guidance.

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