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How fathers can succeed in co-parenting

On Behalf of | May 8, 2021 | Child Custody

Parents who are newly divorced often find that co-parenting can be a challenge and more difficult than expected. For fathers in Kansas, this new adventure can be even more challenging since they are typically the noncustodial parent. In some co-parenting or joint child custody arrangements, the father has the kids for fewer hours during the week than the mom does, so dads can feel like they need to make the most of this time. Here are a few strategies fathers can use to succeed in co-parenting 


Communication may be the most important part of co-parenting. Unfortunately, many marriages end because of poor communication, so some divorced parents often struggle with being good communicators. Make an effort to be open and establish effective communication channels. Parents need to communicate directly. Never communicate through the children. 


When things don’t go as planned, it can cause great anxiety in the children. Kids thrive on stability and consistency. Fathers need to work with the other party to develop a consistent schedule and stick to the schedule. 

Friendly exchanges 

With a co-parenting arrangement, parents will usually meet to exchange the children. Make this exchange quick and as cordial as possible. Avoid drama during this time. If there is a sensitive matter that needs discussing, save it for a time when one on one communication is possible with the other parent.  

Remember, this is about the children. Keep the well-being of the children as the top priority and leave the failed marriage and past relationship drama out of parenting. Parents in Kansas who have questions about child custody may want to consider seeking the services of a legal representative. A seasoned family law attorney can provide much-needed clarity and legal guidance.  

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