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Getting prepared for a difficult child custody case

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2021 | Child Custody

In the state of Kansas, many contentious divorces also involve child custody battles, unfortunately. Most parents only want what is best for their kids, but if parents cannot come to an agreement on child custody, the case may go to trial. The proper preparation is one of the biggest keys to winning a child custody battle. Here are a few ways parents can prepare ahead of a custody hearing 

Document everything 

To win a child custody case, the parent must prove to the judge that it is in the best interests of the children to be with him or her. However, just telling the judge won’t be enough. The parent will need to provide documentation and, many times, testimonies from witnesses to back up his or her parental capabilities. Keeping consistent and detailed records is crucial. 

Proving it 

There are a number of ways a parent can prove that he or she is the better parent and should get custody of the children. Other than providing detailed documentation, another way a parent can show this is attending all school activities, such as parent-teacher meetings. Also, be the parent who takes the kids to all their doctor and dentist appointments and show that quality time is being spent with the children. 

These days, it can no longer be assumed that the mother will win custody of the children. Courts will always act on the best interests of the children. Consulting with an experienced family law attorney can prove invaluable during this time. Working with a knowledgeable legal representative can help parents in Kansas prepare for a child custody hearing and help a parent achieve his or her desired outcome. 

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