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How to effectively co-parent with a toxic ex-spouse

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Child Custody

When parents in Kansas decide to divorce, many issues will inevitably arise that they had never previously considered. Spouses who go through an emotional divorce don’t often come out the other side on the best of terms. The divorce happened for a reason. Trying to co-parent with a toxic ex-spouse can feel like an ongoing battle. Here are a few strategies for effectively co-parenting with a toxic ex.

Give to receive

Although it may be difficult to do, those who are co-parenting with a less than cooperative ex should try to be the bigger person. Set an example and extend gestures of kindness to the other party. It can also be helpful to hear the other parent out. It will make that individual feel heard, and he or she may be more open in the future.

Expect challenges

Those who co-parent with a toxic ex will be tested over and over. Acknowledging and being prepared for it is often the best defense. Prepare for worst-case scenarios and be thinking about how to be there for the children.

Get support

One of the best ways to cope with this situation is to be surrounded by people who will listen and understand. A support group of family and close friends can be crucial. It is also helpful to seek the support of professionals. Therapists can listen and give actionable tips customized to each specific situation.

Co-parenting with a toxic ex will be a significant challenge at times. However, always remember that the children are the top priority. Any parenting arrangement will be successful when the parents keep the children’s security and well-being in mind. Those in Kansas who have questions or need assistance with the legal aspects surrounding child custody could benefit from discussions with a lawyer. A seasoned family law attorney can answer questions and provide the assistance needed to move forward.

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