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How to prepare for a child custody hearing

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Child Custody

A divorce is often the result of many disagreements among spouses. If those spouses are parents, they may fail to agree on child custody. Unfortunately, child custody matters in Kansas sometimes end up being litigated in court when parents can’t come to an agreement or understanding. Here are a few ways parents can prepare and present a convincing case to win child custody when the situation goes to court. 

Understand the laws 

Child custody laws vary depending on the state. One of the first things a parent should do is become familiar with the laws in the state where the custody hearing will be held. Researching and understanding the laws will help the parent know what he or she is up against prior to the hearing. 

Bring appropriate documents 

Be sure to have the appropriate documents before the hearing. The parents should work with his or her attorney to determine what documents to bring and whether personal records will be admissible. The attorney may suggest that the parent brings copies of the visitation schedule, proof or child support payments and other notes.  

Proper attire and etiquette 

Parents who seek child custody should try to make a good first impression. Always dress conservatively and speak with lawyers to learn more about the proper courtroom etiquette. Dressing appropriately and using the proper courtroom etiquette is very important in any hearing. 

In Kansas, the main goal of the court is to ensure that all decisions serve the best interests of the children. A parent should be prepared to prove why he or she will be the better parent for the kids. Parents in Kansas who have questions about any aspect of child custody may want to consider contacting a legal representative. A knowledgeable family law attorney can guide parents and help them prepare for a child custody hearing.  

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