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Making the process of property division smooth and pain-free

When couples marry, they not only share love and memories but also some property and assets. When divorce occurs, divvying up this property can get rather tedious and complicated, to say the least. Here are some ways divorcing spouses in Kansas can keep the process of property division as smooth and efficient as possible.

Keep things civil

Keeping things cordial amid a divorce is obviously easier said than done. However, if spouses can be respectful and civil toward each other, the property division process will go by more quickly and easily. By cooperating and working toward a common goal, spouses can avoid court, thus saving time and money.

Marital versus separate property

It is important to know how the legal system categorizes property and assets. These will fall under two classifications, which are separate property and marital property. Separate property is the property that a spouse owned before marriage and even some things (like inheritances) after the wedding. Marital property includes things that were earned or obtained during the marriage, such as income, investments, retirement funds or physical property.

Be open and honest

The division of marital property is a process that starts with taking inventory of the property and assets that spouses have acquired during the marriage. However, this requires each spouse to be open and honest. Never try to hide property or assets. Attorneys are very good at finding hidden property and assets.

During the process, there will inevitably be disagreements, but this does not mean things have to go to court. Those in Kansas who need help or have questions about property division could benefit by consulting with a legal representative. A trusted and knowledgeable family law attorney can provide clarity and protect the personal rights of the client.

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