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The divorce rate is falling, but the causes are the same

Just a couple of decades ago, roughly one out of every two marriages in Kansas and across the United States failed. However, many people are often surprised to learn that divorce is happening less often today. According to recent statistics, the divorce rate in the United States has declined to about 40% in the last few years. Even though it may seem like spouses these days are divorcing less, the reasons for doing so have not changed over the years. 

Financial stress 

Not surprisingly, money and finances are some of the primary causes of conflict not only in modern marriages, but in marriages decades prior. Obviously, if the basic needs for survival can’t be met, the marriage will often falter. Some spouses who struggle with money will compartmentalize their problems and often argue about other issues too. Tragically, financial issues are sometimes rooted in personal trauma or psychological beliefs. 


Infidelity continues to be a main cause of divorce in modern-day America as it was in past decades. When a spouse cheats on his or her partner, trust is broken and is rarely fixable. But why do spouses cheat? Many times, it is due to a lack of intimacy, which can leave a spouse unfulfilled and looking for it outside the marriage. Spouses often find that trying to fix the complications caused by infidelity is a bigger burden than they are willing to bear. 

Even though the divorce rate is on the decline, some marriages are doomed to fail from the start. Spouses may find that they are happier going their separate ways. One thing is for certain, as long as there are marriages, there will be divorces. Individuals in Kansas who have questions or are contemplating divorce could greatly benefit by contacting and speaking with a trusted attorney who is knowledgeable in family law. 

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