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How to tell if mediation is the best route to take

Spouses never intend to separate when they get married. However, as the years go by for some, changes may get to a point where it is nearly impossible for the marriage to continue. Divorce can get complicated in a hurry and can be even more complex for high-net-worth spouses in Kansas. However, if spouses are in agreement that divorce is their best option, they may want to consider mediation 

What is mediation? 

In mediation, divorcing spouses meet with a neutral, third-party mediator who helps them negotiate their divorce settlement. Mediation is often the best route to take for an efficient and more amicable divorce. However, it typically only works if spouses are on the same page. 

Is mediation right? 

Mediation is often the best route to take for divorce if all or most of the following statements are true: 

  • Both spouses agree to divorce. 
  • Both spouses are honest and open about finances. 
  • There is no history of domestic violence. 
  • Spouses are in agreement regarding child custody terms. 

Mediation is often the best and most efficient way to resolve a divorce if both parties are willing to work together toward a common goal. 

Leave it to the professionals 

Many divorcing spouses opt for mediation simply because it is quicker and less expensive than litigation. Kansas residents who are headed for divorce and want to know more about their options could greatly benefit by sitting down with an experienced lawyer. A trusted family law attorney can examine the client’s specific situation and help them determine the best course of action moving forward. 

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