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A few tips that may help dads get child custody

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2022 | Child Custody

According to some traditional American stereotypes, mothers are the nurturers and primary caregivers of the family. However, these stereotypes are slowly being broken. Today, fathers play a much larger role in their children’s lives. However, some judges in Kansas still favor mothers in child custody cases. Here are a few ways fathers can put themselves in the best position to obtain custody of their children. 

Maintain strong relationships 

Building and maintaining a strong relationship with the children is crucial. Courts need to see that the father plays an active role in the lives of the kids. Some examples of ways fathers can bolster relationships with their children are to familiarize themselves with the children’s school and academic life, attend extracurricular activities like sports, or regularly checking in to let the children know they are supported and loved. 

Be respectful and cordial to the other parent 

Although it can understandably be tough to do given the past relationship, fathers who are seeking custody should try to be as cooperative and respectful as possible to the child’s mother. This is often something courts will use in determining custody. It can also be beneficial to create a parenting plan and keep a record of visits. Submit these records to the court when child custody is examined. 

Get legal assistance 

It also may be helpful to consider a resolution through mediation or arbitration before battling it out in court. An amicable solution will benefit all parties involved. However, any person in Kansas who is seeking child custody or has questions about any aspect of child custody may want to consider contacting a knowledgeable family law attorney. A seasoned lawyer can provide much-needed legal guidance to help a parent achieve their desired outcome.  

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