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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

Know where to seek support for child custody issues in Kansas

Parenting typically involves making decisions regarding your children's health and well-being. If you decide to file for divorce, the decision will undoubtedly prompt many changes in your children's lives. However, negotiating child custody plans does not have lead to a battle in a Kansas family court, especially if you and your ex are willing to work together to develop a fair agreement that keeps your kids' best interests in mind, and you know where to seek legal support as needed.

Former NFL player Jay Cutler locked in child custody battle

When Kansas parents decide to divorce, they must resolve numerous issues to achieve a fair settlement, especially pertaining to their children and a future co-parenting plan. Most parents want to resolve child custody issues in as swift and amicable a fashion as possible. The problem is that things do not always go as planned, particularly if one parent does something, like file for primary custody, that makes the other parent angry. This is basically what happened between former NFL player Jay Cutler and his ex, Kristin Cavallari.

Child custody: Most important issue for many Kansas parents

Kansas parents, like most others across the country, often gain joy from making decisions that bring happiness to their children. Most parents understand, however, that parenting often includes times when decisions are made because of what is best for the children in question, not necessarily what might make them happiest. Divorce is often upsetting to children, although when parents can achieve a fair child custody agreement in an amicable fashion, they increase their children's ability to cope with the situation and adapt to a new lifestyle in a healthy manner.

Child custody: What about new partner introductions?

If Kansas parents decide to divorce, they undoubtedly must resolve numerous issues regarding their children before they can move on in life. Child custody is a top priority, and it often includes issues that are highly personal, such as whether it is okay to introduce a new romantic partner to the children. Parents are wise to write out clear terms ahead of time, so that there is little guesswork involved.

New child custody petition in Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt case

Kansas parents who have recently navigated divorce no doubt understand how challenging and stressful court proceedings can be. Especially if co-parents disagree about child custody issues, it can take weeks, even months, to achieve a fair settlement. Many readers have followed news regarding the divorce and subsequent court hearings between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Child custody case in another state involves Kansas man

Many Kansas readers may be surprised to learn that the act of dueling as a means to resolve a legal dispute has never been abolished in the United States. While the most recent use of sword fighting to the death to resolve a legal battle occurred abroad in the 1800s, a man from this state who is navigating child custody proceedings in another state has filed a petition in court to request that the judge order trial by combat with his former wife. The man's petition also states that the woman's attorney may act as a champion or stand-in for his ex.

A mother believes child's father disobeyed child custody order

A woman in another state has notified police that she believes her child's father has abducted their child. She and her mother have also told law enforcement officers that they believe the child's father was angry about a recent child custody ruling, and has taken the child as an act of revenge. Any Kansas parent concerned about custody issues should have a support network in place to access help at a moment's notice, if needed.

How to avoid child custody disputes during the holidays

Adapting to a new lifestyle after divorce is a challenge many Kansas parents will face before the end of the year. In fact, with Thanksgiving and numerous holidays right around the corner, it is likely that some parents will have their work cut out to resolve child custody issues that arise. Parents who wish to keep things as peaceful as possible during the holidays can put several plans into action to help them avoid problems.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar requests shared child custody in divorce

Kansas residents who follow U.S. political news are likely familiar with freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, whose name often appears in the headlines. Omar's political views and activities have sparked controversy on more than one occasion; in fact, there have been death threats made against her. Omar is currently making headlines for a more personal reason, as she has filed for divorce from her husband and is requesting shared child custody.

Avoid back-to-school child custody problems

A Kansas parent who is used to a certain back-to-school routine may encounter some challenges if the start of a new school year follows a major, life-changing event such as divorce. Child custody problems may surface, especially if the ex in question is trying to interfere with parent/child relationships or disregards a court order. It is often possible to enjoy a peaceful co-parenting arrangement if both parents are willing to cooperate and keep kids' best interests in mind.

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